Access Live Internet Data with ChatGPT and MobileGPT on WhatsApp

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3 min readMay 8, 2023

ChatGPT has taken the world by storm, I am honestly amazed at the rate of development and how quickly OpenAI have upgraded the features. I sometimes joke with my colleague that soon ChatGPT will just jump out of the computer and do your work for you.

However, there is still no live internet access with ChatGPT. The plugins are still in Alpha testing with just a few people who can access and use the features. What if you could still leverage the power of ChatGPT today with live internet searches?

In this article, I show you how you can do that with MobileGPT — on WhatsApp.

Live Internet Access with Google Bard

Google Bard is the ChatGPT competitor that has built in — internet live search capabilities, will this be the solution to live internet AI?

I think not from the reviews I have read, Google Bard is far behind ChatGPT with respect to creativity, maths and even coding.

As a developer myself and with my understanding of how ChatGPT works, I can understand why it was not initially released with access to the internet. However as a user, it is frustrating when you ask certain questions and get outdated information from 2021.

Google Bard is not the solution, what we need is ChatGPT with internet. I must admit, from the initial videos and demos that I have seen of the “Alpha” testing of ChatGPT plugins, I am blown away and believe that we will not be disappointed, once we all get access to plugins.

However, what can we do today to leverage AI and live browsing?

MobileGPT Internet Access with LiveData

I recently wrote about MobileGPT, the mind-blowing WhatsApp application that uses the OpenAI API to bring you ChatGPT on WhatsApp using the latest language models, from OpenAI.

ChatGPT on WhatsApp — MobileGPT

Its a good alternative for those who want to access ChatGPT on the go — like at the bar over a beer, or on a hike up a mountain. All you need is WhatsApp.

Now MobileGPT comes with LiveData

Yes, you can browse the net on MobileGPT. But why is that exciting because technically you can also browse the net on google?

Its exciting because MobileGPT will quickly in miliseconds collect all the information from your internet search and compile you a structured report on your internet search, in word format.

Say you wanted to know the latest information about the MetGala2023. This is something ChatGPT would not be able to help you with, as its training data ends in 2021.

What if you could search the net, compile all the articles in one — perfectly organised report, that is human readable, well structured and ready to download.

MobileGPT Live Internet Search for Met Gala 2023

Checkout a live data search demo on the price of Bitcoin:

Cool right — try it out on



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