The ability to schedule tasks inside of a Python Django application is crucial in web app development, web applications usually have to run specific tasks like: (1) updating the database with new information or (2) sending specific notifications — outside of the general app flow.

These tasks need to run in the background and the app must instinctively know when to execute them, at regular intervals. In this tutorial, we will cover step-by-step how to do this, but before we start, we have some pre-requisites:

  1. A completed Django Application (I will not cover in detail how to set-up a Django…

I have received numerous enquiries in the past on how to create a LMS from scratch. The short answer is — with great difficulty and considerable programming, networking and development skills. Creating a LMS requires complex user management, authentication and profile management, database management and much more. Let us just say, it is not a beginner programming project.

However will open source software, things are now simpler for beginners and companies who do not want to spend an arm and a leg on LMS software. …

In this article we are going to look in to how we can add an intelligent chatbot to a Facebook Page Messenger. This will allow you to automate your responses from Facebook Page with a Deep Learning chatbot created with Python.

This tutorial combines learning elements from:

  • Machine Learning, deep learning chatbot
  • Facebook Automation
  • Facebook Messenger API
  • Python Flask Web Framework
Install Deep Learning Chatbot to Facebook Messenger

It is an exciting real-life application of a chatbot, and can be immediately monetised as a skill, can form a great addition to your Python project portfolio. …

We are going to conclude our automation series of tutorials with a Messenger Graph API tutorial. In this tutorial, we will look in to how one can send messages to Facebook Graph Messenger API from a Python App.

The points we will cover in this tutorial are:

  • Create our Application — Flask
  • Set-up Facebook Messenger webhook inside our application
  • Host our application on HTTPS
  • Write code for receiving messages from our webhook and send a response back to Facebook
  • Add Messenger permissions to our Facebook App, get access tokens
  • Test our application
Use Python to send Messages to Facebook Messenger API

Create our Flask Application

First we create a python project directory and…

In this article we are going to be creating our own intelligent deep learning chatbot with Python and Flask. Deep learning is a field of machine learning that uses algorithms that mimic the human brain, working like the neural networks and connections. Read more from this article on deep learning.

Don’t worry, we are not going to go in to deep learning mathematics or algorithms in this article. I am just going to show you the libraries and concepts from deep learning that you need to build a chatbot using Python.

Create a deep learning chatbot with python and flask

We are going to cover the following in this deep learning chatbot with Python and Flask article

  • Creating the intents file for your chatbot
  • Building our…

You can now schedule your instagram posts programmatically without relying on limiting and expensive apps like Hootsuite and Later. You can create your own code to post to instagram up to 25 posts a day using the Instagram Graph API.

  • Connect your facebook page to your instagram account
  • Create facebook developer account and generate access tokens for Instagram API
  • Get your instagram graph API user ID for your instagram page
  • Publish an image to your instagram page
  • Python code for publishing an image

Before we get started, it is important to note that you can only ever schedule posts for…

In this article we will discuss how to simplify your facebook page engagement by automating the facebook page posts with python and facebook graph API.

We will cover the following topics in this article:

  • Intro to Facebook Graph API
  • Getting your facebook page access token
  • Sending a post to your facebook page using Graph API and python
  • Sending a photo to your facebook page using Graph API and python
  • How to swap short life access token for a long life access token
  • Send posts to Facebook on a schedule

Intro to Facebook Graph API

You can access the Facebook Graph API on this link:

In this article we are going to discuss how you can automate your Instagram with Python and Instapy. Following from the previous tutorial on automating twitter with python — we are going to do something similar with available libraries for Instagram.

What we will cover in this tutorial:

  • Set up development environment — specifically for ubuntu
  • Install instapy
  • Create an instagram session
  • Schedule python script to run on system file

Set up development environment — for automating Instagram with python and Instapy

We are going to work from an Ubuntu virtual machine, you can get one here:

Get digital ocean droplet, and use this video to set it up: initial virtual server…

In this article we are going to conclude our Django series by finally deploying our web app to a Digitalocean droplet. If you have been following along, you should be set up for a successful deployment. We will be working with a Digitalocean ubuntu 20.04 server, that only cost us $5 when we purchased it.

Although this is sufficient for a small scale web app, keep in mind if you do grow your web traffic — you will need to upgrade the droplet capacity.

If you have not been following along and are here just to learn about deploying your…

In this article we are going to build code that will schedule tweets with Python for our Job Search Website— we have been building with Python and Django. We have a series of articles we have released that cover the stages for building a fully functioning Web Application with Python and Django from scratch.

In the previous two articles we discussed:

In this article — we are going to combine what we have done in the previous two articles and build a…

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