In this article we are going to discuss how you can automate your Instagram with Python and Instapy. Following from the previous tutorial on automating twitter with python — we are going to do something similar with available libraries for Instagram.

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What we will cover in this tutorial:

  • Install instapy
  • Create an instagram session
  • Schedule python script to run on system file

Set up development environment — for automating Instagram with python and Instapy

We are going to work from an Ubuntu virtual machine, you can get one here:

Get digital ocean droplet, and use this video to set it up: initial virtual server…

In this article we are going to conclude our Django series by finally deploying our web app to a Digitalocean droplet. If you have been following along, you should be set up for a successful deployment. We will be working with a Digitalocean ubuntu 20.04 server, that only cost us $5 when we purchased it.

Although this is sufficient for a small scale web app, keep in mind if you do grow your web traffic — you will need to upgrade the droplet capacity.

If you have not been following along and are here just to learn about deploying your…

In this article we are going to build code that will schedule tweets with Python for our Job Search Website— we have been building with Python and Django. We have a series of articles we have released that cover the stages for building a fully functioning Web Application with Python and Django from scratch.

In the previous two articles we discussed:

In this article — we are going to combine what we have done in the previous two articles and build a…

A step-by-step guide that you can complete in 15 minutes

In this article we are going to cover step by step, how to go from zero to a complete twitter bot with Python and Tweepy. Tweepy is a common Python library for the twitter official API. It will reduce the lines of code you would generally have to write to just one — per call.

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Step by Step Guide to Python Twitter Bot

What we are going to cover:

  • Get twitter development account and API credentials
  • Send a tweet
  • Send a tweet with an image
  • Check the limits twitter gives you on the API
  • Search for local…

Our Django web app now needs data — we will scrape it from websites and PDF documents with python. In this tutorial, we are going to cover basic web scraping with BeautifulSoup and PDF scraping with PyPDF2. We will use both the techniques to grab data — and add it to our database for the Django app to be able to serve it on the front end.

As a new application, when we go live and deploy our application — we will need live data to start with. Before users can start registering profiles, they have to see a working…

User registration and authentication is a crucial pat of any web application, to complete the process system emails are required to aid communication with the client. In this article we are going to add email functionality to a Django user registration process.

When a user creates an account on your web application, you might want to send them an email when:

  • They request to reset a password
  • Some significant change happens on their profile
  • Send then communication messages
  • 2 Factor authentication, a second code every time they log in for increased security
  • Any other reason…

In this article we will be discussing:

  1. How to override the Model save method.
  2. Creating complex Django forms with custom styling, CSS and HTML.

These are all usually required when creating complex Python Django web applications. The application that we are working on is a job-search engine. Users will be able to search for jobs, and upload their own profiles and Resumes so that companies can find them on our platform.

In order to do this, we require to collect their personal information. It is not sufficient that they upload their resume document, we need…

User registration is a crucial part of most web applications, and Django is no different. In this article, I will cover the full project for Django User Registration, Login, Logout.

This tutorial will cover detailed user registration, including custom form input fields, custom form styling, CSS and HTML. This is necessary if you have your own custom HTML and styling and want to render a form with your specific styling, we will extend the standard Django forms to show you how to include custom styling elements.

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Python Django User Registration Custom HTML and CSS

Getting started

This tutorial assumes you already have a Django project going, if not — follow…

Python Django is one of the most commonly used web development platforms. It offers a simplified approach to web development and is easy to follow, even for beginners. Let us get started with Python Django Web Development.

What is a Website?

A website is basic HTML code, that is decoded by your browser to display — text, images, animations, videos. A collection of information that was intended to be displayed by the website developer.

This HTML code, sits in a web hosting server — requested by IP addresses all across the world.

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Static vs Dynamic web content

As a developer, the simplest type of website to build is a…

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Let us go through the process to develop a peer to peer blockchain in python. Our development environment will be a Virtual Private Server running in Ubuntu. You can purchase a droplet from Digital Ocean for $5, cancel it when you are done.

When you have purchased the VPS — you need to set it up with the following:

Set-up VPS remote repository

This is a crucial step, we…

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