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  1. A completed Django Application (I will not cover in detail how to set-up a Django…

  • Machine Learning, deep learning chatbot
  • Facebook Automation
  • Facebook Messenger API
  • Python Flask Web Framework
Install Deep Learning Chatbot to Facebook Messenger

  • Create our Application — Flask
  • Set-up Facebook Messenger webhook inside our application
  • Host our application on HTTPS
  • Write code for receiving messages from our webhook and send a response back to Facebook
  • Add Messenger permissions to our Facebook App, get access tokens
  • Test our application
Use Python to send Messages to Facebook Messenger API

Create our Flask Application

Create a deep learning chatbot with python and flask

We are going to cover the following in this deep learning chatbot with Python and Flask article

  • Creating the intents file for your chatbot
  • Building our…

  • Connect your facebook page to your instagram account
  • Create facebook developer account and generate access tokens for Instagram API
  • Get your instagram graph API user ID for your instagram page
  • Publish an image to your instagram page
  • Python code for publishing an image

  • Intro to Facebook Graph API
  • Getting your facebook page access token
  • Sending a post to your facebook page using Graph API and python
  • Sending a photo to your facebook page using Graph API and python
  • How to swap short life access token for a long life access token
  • Send posts to Facebook on a schedule

Intro to Facebook Graph API

  • Set up development environment — specifically for ubuntu
  • Install instapy
  • Create an instagram session
  • Schedule python script to run on system file

Set up development environment — for automating Instagram with python and Instapy

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